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3 Ways to Target Businesses in the Romanian Baking and Hospitality Industry

The Romanian baking and hospitality industry is changing continuously, along with the needs of consumers. Entrepreneurs are seeking for new business niches that allow them to increase their profits by meeting the needs of their clients. For more than 15 years, a group of professionals editing 2 specialized magazines and 1 international exhibition managed to give access to the Romanian market for some of the greatest suppliers of equipment and ingredients in the world. Here are the 3 main keys to this market.

There are more than 22,000 businesses - bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants, hotels, bars and coffee shops, supplying a market of 20 million consumers in Romania, a country with the 7th largest population and the highest bread consumption rate in the EU. After a period of recession and reorganization, companies in the baking and hospitality industry are recovering strongly, many of them borrowing successful business models from the western countries.

Potential of the Romanian market

All these companies are now trying to become more competitive by investing in new technologies that allow them to provide better products and services to their customers. Bakeries and confectioneries are changing their old machines with new efficient ones and they are developing modern shops, while they also try to make their products competitive for exports. Meanwhile, hotels and restaurants are continuously improving the quality of their services; they invest in modern design, greater tools and machines and better food service, trying to connect themselves to the high European standards in hospitality.

Keys to the market: 1 exhibition, 2 magazines

In the last 15 years, managers, operators, specialists and producers from the Romanian baking and hospitality industry have been connected to all the news in the field through specialized magazines including all the information needed to develop their businesses. At the same time, the magazines became the main channels through which suppliers in the field to communicate with their clients.

As entrepreneurs felt the need to physically see and test the machines, tools and solutions provided, the market asked for a professional exhibition to make this possible. GastroPan International Exhibition grew quickly and became one of the most important baking and hospitality trade fair in southeastern Europe.

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