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Monday, 14 December 2015 15:44

How do the European Bakery Industry Suppliers Enter the Romanian Market?

The Romanian Baking Industry is very powerful, thanks to the high bread consumption rate and the recently lowered VAT tax, which allowed access of consumers to more premium types of products. More than 9,400 bakeries and confectioneries are trying to strengthen their market share, seeking new technologies, machines and ingredients. “Brutarul-Cofetarul” is the only specialized magazine on the market which delivers the latest news and technologies to the managers in the field.

Each month, for the last 15 years, professionals in the Romanian bakeries and confectioneries have been reading the Brutarul-Cofetarul magazine searching for great business ideas, learning about the newest machines, ingredients and technologies provided by the suppliers from the market.

The magazines has been a great entering gate for some of the world class suppliers to the Romanian market, and it remained one of the best ways of communicating with their clients. The readers receive the magazines for free, as all the editing, printing and distributing costs are being covered from the advertising pages.

As they are preparing the first number of year 2016, the editors of Brutarul-Cofetarul magazine have prepared an exclusive advertising offer to foreign suppliers who wish to enter the Romanian market and enjoy benefits of becoming part of one of the most dynamically growing European bakery markets!

To find out more about the magazine please visit,
contact the editors at +40-266-219.392 or e-mail
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Our exclusive offer is available until Thursday, 17 December 2015!

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